Welcome to Psychophonetics Scotland

Psychophonetics is a groundbreaking, effective and efficient therapeutic psycho-development and self-help tool.

It offers new horizons and a quantum leap in psychotherapy and counselling.

Psychophonetics is rooted in an understanding of the soul’s forces and the function of the life-body, which holds records of all experiences. It is based on indications from Rudolf Steiner for psychology and psychotherapy.

Psychophonetics does not work in or on the past, but deploys modalities to address issues in the present. This has empirically been proven to be highly effective, efficient and beneficial in many ways i.e. far fewer sessions are needed to address and resolve issues.

Psychophonetics engages the higher perceptive powers of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition in the cutting edge new faculties of Methodical Empathy: ’See Me, Hear Me, Know Me‘.  

Psychophonetics also utilises the deep intelligence of both verbal and the expressive non-verbal modes of sensing, gesture, visualisation and the sounds of the universal alphabet for a conscious transition of personal experience into: observing it – managing it – growing from it. 

Besides the possibility to address personal issues, challenges and questions, Psychophonetics offers skills for self-mastery, self-healing, spiritual development and leadership, so you can start benefiting from Psychophonetics not just personally, but also in your work environment and, if applicable, your professional practice.

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