Yehuda Tagar: Psychophonetics – a Psychology of Freedom
– Duration 6:44

Yehuda Tagar: Liberation from inner prisons with Psychophonetics
– Duration 7:53

Psychophonetics & Methodical Empathy Introduction with Yehuda Tagar
– Newbold House, Scotland 2016. Demonstration at 6:40

Psychophonetics Introduction (much Information on Empathy) with Live Demonstration by Yehuda Tagar
– Findhorn, Scotland May 7th 2016. Duration: 1:52:41
Available as Audio MP3-File also as the audio is interesting and good but video not that great.
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Good demonstration from 1:11:00 onwards – more a Master Class than a personal session.

Psychophonetics & Methodical Empathy – complete workshop introduction with Yehuda Tagar
– Newbold House, Scotland May 8th 2016; 29:08 Minutes 

A Summary of Psychophonetics: Liberation from Inner Prison (7:53)

Yehuda Tagar gives a talk (4 excerpts) on Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Psychosophy’, which is the foundation of Psychophonetics, a new form of holistic counselling, coaching and psychotherapy. It is a unique method of enhancing self-awareness and renewing the whole human being – body, life energy, soul and spirit.
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: