Brighton July 8th ONCA

Find The  Force & Collaborate With It

Friday 8th July, 6-8pm

– FREE workshop with Yehuda Tagar

ONCA, 14 St George’s Place, BRIGHTON, BN1 4GB


Yehuda Tagar calls the life-force inside each person the ‘life-body’. He says:

“Most of the time we take our health for granted but when we fall ill, the life-body calls for our attention, awareness and active help. It is possible to become the conscious partner, colleague and apprentice of this internal physician in the act of self-healing – but first we need to create a common language with it. It communicates not in words but through active sensation, movement, visualisation and sounds.”

This free two hour introductory workshop is for everyone who wishes to learn more about connect with that life-body trough gesture, sound, visualisation and sensing to come away with new tools and resources for self-care, support and nurture.
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Yehuda Tagar 2Yehuda Tagar is an experienced psychotherapist and international coach and trainer for personal development. He has worked with sufferers of long-term illness for over two decades where he learned to understand the workings of the life-body.
He is the founder and director of Psychophonetics Institute International.

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