Clay Work Sept 2016


Transformation Psychophonetics Modelling with Clay
– Workshop Intensive

Slovakia: 16. – 17. September 2016

English with Slovak translation


with Yehuda Tagar

Venue: Ecce Homo, Clementisova 20,  Bernolákovo 900 27, near Bratislava in Slovakia

Friday 16. Sept. 9:00 – Saturday 17. Sept. 18:00 

Human life is a creative process on the physical, energy, emotional, social and spiritual levels. In expressing personal experiences in clay formation, we wake up to the otherwise unconscious dynamics within us.
In Psychophonetics way of sculpting we become aware of the internal life of body and soul, learn to participate in the life of the organism, to identify and to release internal blocks, to identify and strengthen and invoke beneficial life dynamics, and to become active participants of the creative process of human life.

Content of the workshop:

  • The Awakening is the dynamics influencing forces in nature, the human body, emotional life and imagination
  • Active awareness of polarities in three-dimensional space – knowledge of these polarities in ourselves, in nature, Sense in the body
  • 5 elements in 4 seasons
  • Discovering the connection between sound dynamics and shaping of space-time
  • Making a connection between physical gestures and expressions in the mass
  • Establish a permanent communication between the conscious and watchful dreamlike experience – as a sleep experience – bridging through the clay as a medium
  • Strengthening and refreshing vital power

Price: 110 € (the price includes material)
Accommodation is available if you bring your own sleeping bag.
Kitchen for cooking available; shops and restaurant nearby.
For public transport from Bratislava to venue please call Mira; Taxi from Bratislava about 20 Euro.

or call Mira in Slovakia on 00420 910 92 64 50