Fundamentals Nov. 2016


The first 5-day introductory seminar,
part 1 of the Foundation Year in Psychophonetics

– can be taken on its own with no further commitment.

5. – 9. November 2016, Slovakia near Bratislava

English with Slovak translation.


Psychophonetics is a holistic method of self awareness, healing, transformation, counselling, coaching, organisational consultancy and psychotherapy, based on a modern development of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy.

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Psychophonetics mobilises the deep intelligence of Body Awareness, Gesture, Visualisation and Sounds as extension of conversational Methodical Empathy. It enables methodical Exploration, Empowerment, Resourcefulness, overcoming Reactions, owning Projections, Participatory Medicine for the self-treatment of psycho-somatic conditions, self mastery of one’s emotional, mental and spiritual life and enhancement of creativity, heart-intelligence and life energy. Heightened self awareness enables deep empathy for others.


Certificate in Mentoring for Personal Development & Leadership Skills

A part-time one-year course, based on 7 intensive seminars of 6 days (42 days per year) for rejuvenation of health, self care, creativity and confidence in one’s inner resources for life, relationship, work and personal development.

The Foundation Year is authorised by Psychophonetics Institute International as the entry requirement for the further Psychosophy and Psychophonetics training towards the diploma in Psychophonetics Counselling and Coaching, Graduate Diploma in Psychophonetics Consultancy, and Fellowship Diploma in Psychophonetics Anthroposophical Psychotherapy.

Price of a 6-day intensive is 250€

Courses are held in Bernolakovo, 20 minutes from Bratislava, 60 minutes from Vienna Airport.
Accommodation is available if you bring your own sleeping bag. B&B nearby.
Kitchen for cooking available; shops and restaurant nearby.
For public transport from Bratislava to venue please call Mira; Taxi from Bratislava about 20 Euro.

 For more information write to or call +421910926450
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