Methodical Empathy

‘Even the act of understanding in  itself – prior to ‘fixing’ anything –  is an act of healing.
Understanding is opening a space for people to be that they could not be otherwise.
A space of understanding is a healing space towards a future community for humanity.’

Yehuda Tagar

Methodical Empathy is the conscious process of cultivating the capacity of empathy with others on the basis of deepening self awareness.

None of our normal senses can perceive the reality of another person from their own point of view. We need to develop new organs of perception for that.

The human need for empathy says:

See me

Hear me

Know me

The human provision of empathy must include the evolution of 3 new capacities:

Perceptive Imagination

Perceptive Inspiration

Perceptive Intuition

Psychophonetics is a process that enables everyone of good will to develop their next step of empathic capacity methodically, on the basis of developing a deeper perception of themselves. On that basis everyone can evolve an inner eye, inner ear and inner knowing that can make possible the perception of the reality of others from their own point of view.


The background of Methodical Empathy

Empathy is a new word for a new phenomena, coined first in 1909 and first put into professional and public usage in 1951. It evolved out of the catastrophes of the 20th century, when the lack of empathy brought humanity and the planet to the verge of total destruction. It names a new human ideal: the individual’s striving to understand other individuals from their own point of view. It is in high demand and short supply everywhere.

The old traditional and tribal bonds that used to connect people in the tribes (but not between the tribes) are fast fading away. Individuation emerges unstoppable, and isolation is one of its major outcome. A new source of human connection must be forged consciously out of the emerging individual. Empathy became the name for it. It became a new expected human standard everywhere very fast, and now we expect it of each other in all personal, social and professional interaction. But expectation alone cannot produce empathy.

Methodical Empathy evolved out of many years of exploring and applying Psychophonetics. It is being practices by Psychophonetics Practitioners and taught in the professional trainings of Psychophonetics Institute International and its affiliates.