Psychophonetics Consultancy – Agent of Change

I Transform
provides a range of services catering for the professional working environment, where co-operation and effectiveness depend on a clear delegation of power, while maintaining the initiative of individuals.

Learning for Work Courses integrate personal development, self leadership and self management skills with elements from the consultancy training below. Creating sustainable development in professional and personal life.

Topics for seminars and courses can be tailor-made, but general themes are:

• Humanising the place of work

• The 7 Conditions for sustainable human development:

– Team health
– Team empathy
– Clearing the Air’
– Clear  boundaries and identity
– Facing avoidances
– Appreciating people
– Upgrading consistency, reliability and clarity of contracts

• Basic communication and listening Skills

• Upgrading the ‘meeting culture’

• Human ‘safety contracts’

• The inner dimension of leadership

• Transforming crisis into opportunity

• Counselling ‘on the run’

Training Format

The method of transformation used is called Psychophonetics which draws on the deepest sources of emotional intelligence.

Psychophonetics involves the use of movement, gesture, visualisation and sound. Through these, the rationale of these seven conditions can be directly experienced and deepened. Individuals will be empowered to work on themselves and will come away from the sessions with techniques to support and strengthen themselves.

The aim of the training is to lead individuals to become more independent directors of their own lives, more responsible for their work within the organization and with improved communication skills.

We offer 8 or 10 training days. The preferred format is in groups of 2 days at a time with 6 –8 weeks in between.

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