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Testimonials for Yehuda Tagar: Personal & Professional Development; Leadership and Management Skills; Stress Management; Humanising the Workplace & “Decision Making” training activities.

1. Humanising the workplace

Attendance of 12 directors, managers and leaders of our company (IT development…)

The workshop was a two day event requested by the company top management. The goal was to open discussions on topics such as personal development; leadership and humanizing the workplace.

Through the workshop we achieved much more than the planned themes. People opened up and freely discussed deep topics such as company leadership, direction and potential. Some talked about these issues for the first time and brought new ideas and points to the table. All were willing to look at the company from a new point of view and reassess their own place within the group. Each individual saw the potential of the company through its workers. The directors left the workshop with renewed drive to guide the company and also more than willing to help others to realize their leadership potential. Immediately after the workshop an action group was formed that would drive the changes and make sure workers requests for company development are analyzed and implemented. The idea of humanizing the workplace and making a better company has now been introduced to all employees.

The decision to hold this workshop proved to be absolutely correct, a great success and provided a restart for the company. We plan to continue this in the coming months.

2. Decision making

The second workshop was a one day session about decision making process. We decided to target the company’s middle management group in order to help us understand the key factors that go into making the correct decisions, analyzing the problems and solving them to achieve win-win solutions. The workshop helped us to achieve this goal and also showed us different techniques to use when agreeing on solutions.

The decision to continue Mr.Tagar’s training with the company in the future is based on the reality of human benefit throughout the workplace and economic profit.

Lubomír Starek  CEO EE Communications

For me, feeling that I was running on empty led me to do an introductory … course and then a 10 day …  workshop. These  helped me begin to re-connect with myself, face my ‘demons’  … and find  sources of inspiration and energy beyond hope.”

Martin Large Director of Hawthorn Press

(From letters of appreciation from Michael Hall School, Elmfield School and others)

Mr Yehuda Tagar introduced Psychophonetics with great success to several of our staff members.   He was also of invaluable assistance in the re-envisioning of  school and strengthening the integrity of the College of Teachers. Key ideas which Mr. Tagar helped bring to fruition some five years ago, are still in place and working well in our School and Market.”

Everybody found the workshop ‘rich and useful’, and felt they were given tools they could use in the workplace.  The ‘Triangle Exercise’. ‘Door-handle’ and ‘Listening Exercises’ were all much appreciated. The group really enjoyed being together and found the theory of the seven requirements valuable.”

Mr. Tagar helped facilitate in various conflict situations here.   We will be forever in his debt in this regard and cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Yehuda would be an enormous asset to any organization that seeks to use his professional services; particularly I would recommend him to work in the Waldorf school environment.”

We all felt that you have much to contribute to us, as we strive to deepen our work with the children and adults we work with.”