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Teachers in UK and South Africa


Yehuda Tagar is Principal, course convenor and senior lecturer at Persephone Institute, and chairperson of IAPP. Yehuda is an Israeli/Australian psychotherapist, trainer and international lecturer, now based in Cape Town. He is the founder of Psychophonetics and Persephone Institute. He has practiced, taught and lectured internationally since 1991, primarily in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

Professional Memberships: SAAP (South African Association of Psychotherapy); WCP-AC (World Council of Psychotherapy – African Chapter); AMASA (Anthroposophic Medicine Ass. South Africa).

Student teachers in UK include:

Alexander Hoppe is an assistant teacher and supervisor for Psychophonetics trainees and recent graduates. Apart from being a fully qualified Psychophonetics practitioner Alexandra is also an HCPC registered art therapist. She has worked as an art therapist primarily with children and adolescents for 10 years in the UK and currently is based in the Black Forrest in  Germany. Alexandra belongs to the first group of graduates of Psychophonetics in the UK.  

Gabriel Kaye is an assistant/trainee teacher for the Psychophonetics training in the UK. She is one of the first group of psychophonetics students in the UK. She also works free-lance and as a consultant in Education administration and management, particularly for Steiner Schools.

Tracey Bowen is one of the first graduates of Psychophonetics Counselling in the UK.  She is an assistant teacher/trainee and supervisor for the  Advanced Diploma in Psychophonetics Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy

Kymberley Chace Foos is an experienced drama facilitator for both children and adults. She is an ex- Waldorf Class Teacher and Upper School Teacher and is currently developing, through psychophonetics, a methodology for healing through drama work.  She is a graduating psychophonetics practitioner with experience of assisting teaching on the Foundation Year.

The UK College of Teachers is supported by International colleagues in South Africa and Australia:

Keriesa Botha is Vice principal, Psychophonetics practitioner, trainer and lecturer at Persephone Institute. Keriesa is a founding member and executive committee member of IAPP.  She has been a teacher trainer and writer of educational materials for more than a decade and has a special interest in the recovery from sexual abuse and supporting the cycles and transitions of women.

Dr Raoul Goldberg is a Medical consultant and lecturer at Persephone Institute, Psychophonetics practitioner, vice president and a founding member of IAPP. Raoul is an Anthroposophic medical practitioner, and chairperson of AMASA (Anthroposophic Medical Association of SA). He has integrated Psychophonetics counselling into his Anthroposophic medical practice in Cape Town. Raoul has been a school doctor in Waldorf Schools and has lectured and written widely on child development and health.

Dr Robin Steele

is a retired psychotherapist and Psychophonetics Practioner, who offers supervision and research support for the UK students.

Dr Elina Komarova-Tagar PhD is a Medical consultant & lecturer at Persephone Institute, Anthroposophic medical physician, rehabilitation specialist, Rhythmical masseur, skin & beauty therapist.

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