What is Psychophonetics?

Psychophonetics is a groundbreaking therapeutic psycho-development and self-help tool for personal transformation. It is rooted in deep spiritual knowledge and understanding of the soul’s forces.

Psychophonetics has been developed and taught by Yehuda Tagar since the 1990s.
It is based on indications from Rudolf Steiner for psychology and psychotherapy.

Besides the possibility to address personal issues, challenges and questions, psychophonetics offers skills for self-mastery, self-healing, spiritual development and leadership. Psychophonetics can benefit you not just personally but also in your work environment and, if applicable, your professional practice.

Here a short and helpful Introduction Article as PDF File:


Psychophonetics regards the human being as a living body, soul and individual spirit with a potential connection to vast resources of vitality, creativity, intelligence, compassion, intimacy, expanded awareness and spirituality.

Psychophonetics combines a client-centred verbal approach to psychotherapy with non verbal expressive modalities of body sensing, gesture and movement, visualization and the skilful application of gesture and the sounds of human speech, which allows for rapid access to deep psycho-emotional layers of experience.

Psychophonetics claims that it is a relatively short, effective counselling-coaching process and enables clients to:

• Explore their inner life and become aware of hidden patterns and blocks, buried riches and potentials.

• Empower themselves to clear past impositions which in the course of their lives have compromised their wholeness, dignity and strength.

• Resource their human potential, invoking and accessing new possibilities for independent living, heightened creativity and spirituality and the realization of their full humanity.

Human life experience is never lost or forgotten; it is all stored in the body as a memory to be activated consciously or unconsciously by similar experiences in later life.
The past is therefore ever present and as such interferes with and distorts present reality. This leads to the perpetuation of dysfunctional behaviour patterns, difficulties in relationships, limitation of creative potential, stress, exhaustion and illness on many levels. Such “inner scripts” can be accessed directly, explored and transformed in short-term psychotherapeutic interventions (3 to 6 sessions) using the techniques and tools of Psychophonetics.

The transformation enhances well being on all levels. Physical health is enhanced through healing of psycho-somatic problems while relationships are transformed through recovery from past abuse, addictions and suppressions. Clients often experience a release of energy and creative potential and a deepening of intellectual, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual awareness.

“Yehuda  Tagar  has  created  a  powerful  and  profound  new  psychotherapeutic  approach  based  on  the  relationship  between sound, gesture and emotion through which trauma and painful memories can be brought gently to consciousness for healing.
He has shown us that our human sounds can give immediate access to our deepest truths and when combined with a creative and empowering psychotherapeutic relationship, individuals can quickly heal the barriers to their own joy and fulfilled, purposeful living.
There is no doubt that Yehuda is a master of his new healing art and it is deeply inspiring to witness his work as a therapist and healer.
I am proud to be supporting Yehuda in the introduction of Psychophonetics to the UK which will clearly become a major new therapeutic  discipline.”
~ Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh Integrative Medicine Consultant, Medical Director Health Creation, Director of the Faculty of Integrative Medicine, Integrative Health Trust.

Psychophonetics can facilitate effective recovery from addiction, past sexual and other abuses, reactions, projections, panic and anxiety disorders, dysfunctional behaviour patterns, relationship difficulties, burn-out, trauma, fatigue, creative blocks and a whole range of psychosomatic issues.
It enables a deeper meaning of one’s experience, purpose, direction and meaning in life.

Psychophonetics encourages the individual human spirit to take charge and to uplift inner and outer life:

• It affirms the spiritual dimension of the human being

• It uses body awareness, movement, gesture, visualisation and the sounds of human speech, to explore one’s experience, leading to lasting self-empowerment and resourcefulness

• It leaves you in charge of your own transformation

• It holds the integrity of the individual as paramount

• It focuses on your present experience with no analysis or interpretation