Professional references

“Yehuda Tagar has created a powerful and profound new psychotherapeutic approach based on the relationship between sound, gesture and emotion through which trauma and painful memories can be brought gently to consciousness for healing. He has shown us that our human sounds can give immediate access to our deepest truths and when combined with a creative and empowering psychotherapeutic relationship, individuals can quickly heal the barriers to their own joy and fulfilled, purposeful living. I am proud to be supporting Yehuda in the introduction of Psychophonetics to the UK which will clearly become a major new therapeutic discipline.”
Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh
Integrative Medicine Consultant, Medical Director Health Creation, Director of the Faculty of Integrative Medicine, Integrative Health Trust. <> <>

“Psychophonetics Counselling has become an essential part of my Anthroposophically integrated holistic general practice. For many years it was the missing link in my medical work, since I lacked a formal training in holistic counselling which was compatible with my Anthroposophically based medical work.   This profound therapeutic creation by Yehuda seems to me the natural and rational development of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy and extends Anthroposophical Medicine into new domains.  It has added enormous value to my personal and professional life.”
Dr Raoul Goldberg, Anthroposophical Medical Practitioner
Medical Director of Syringa Health Centre, Plumstead, Cape Town
Chairperson of Anthroposophical Medical Association of South Africa

“Psychophonetics appreciates the complexities of the human form. It conceives of humans as multi-modal and it respects people as ecological beings. It is an approach which offers possibilities to healers working in Africa as it recalls the fullness of what living could be.”
Professor Stan Lifschitz
Head of Clinical Psychology Masters Programme, University of South Africa

“Yehuda’s approach has potentially, enormous benefits for ordinary people in our country, who welcome short but intensive treatment to help them deal with the problems and traumas of everyday life, in situations of poverty and stress.”
Professor David Cooper
Head of Department of Sociology, University of Cape Town

“I have had full opportunity to observe the arrival in South Africa of a number of new modalities of healing and therapy and of their development into fully acknowledged professions. In the light of my experience, my view of Psychophonetics, which has been developed by Mr Tagar, is that it offers a valuable contribution to the range of healing modalities available to the South African public. “
Ian Gillespie
Chair COCHASA (Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa);
Member of the National Executive of the Joint Forum for Policy on Ageing; Life Member Economic Society of South Africa; Life Member Psychological Society of South Africa;

“The wealth of publications and presentations under Mr Tagar’s name and the body of work and training he has created in South Africa since his arrival here are a testimony to his internationally professionally recognised expertise, and I have no hesitation in expressing my opinion that Mr Tagar possesses exceptional and extraordinary skills in the field of personal development, counselling, executive and organizational coaching using Psychophonetics.”
Professor Zelda Knight
President of SAAP – South African Association of Psychotherapy
Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Rhodes University