Psychophonetics is a methodology capable of coaching people for self management of their internal potentials. Natural Radiance is one of them.

Psychophonetics RADIANCE PROCESS can be applied equally in individual coaching and in group work.

Here more details:
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1. Re-Arriving afresh to the body at any point in time

In sleep the body goes through drastic recovery in the absence of consciousness. Upon awaking we are refreshed, body and soul. That re- arrival to the body upon waking up in the morning could be emulated consciously in the course of the day. We can be trained to re arrive afresh to our body at any moment of choice. We can be refreshed at a choice, like ‘re-booting’ an apparatus at will. This re-start can become a skill, providing a few new starting points in every day.

2. Elimination of internal toxicity

Most of the toxicity we harbor in the tissues of our body – we produce ourselves through negativity, bitterness, reactivity, self resentment and despair. These are the opposite of radiance and the opposite of beauty, attractiveness and warmth of appeal. These parameters are in our hands, potentially. We who are creating the internal toxicity – we can also release and clear it. Our inner light than can shine clearer. That is radiance.

3. Protection of the personal and interpersonal space

We are born with an external skin to protect our physical organism, and with no skin to protect our soul. Inside we are as vulnerable as when we were children, regardless of our outer defenses. Criticism, rejection, harshness, cruelty, indifference, invasion of personal space, hostility and disrespect – all wound us, intended or not. These result in hardness and defensiveness, the very opposite of radiance. We can be trained to defend ourselves internally by taking inner care of our vulnerability. We can create an inner, healthy, flexible, breathing skin for our soul.

4. Enhancing Radiance

Within each one of us have live potential resources out of which to create and to re create our inner and outer lives. Every human quality we truly aspire to – is somewhere potentially within us. Not only our brain is only partially mobilized in our ordinary lives – our deep soul and heights of spirit are also mostly potential. Out of the conscious aspiration to enhance our clarity, warmth, sensitivity, vitality, intimacy, sensuality, positivity, love and forgiveness – these qualities could be consciously invoked into manifestation if we know how to do it. This is human radiance.