Sounds Sept 2016

The Healing Power of Sounds
– Psychophonetics and Chirophonetics

Slovakia: 13. – 15. September 2016

English with Slovak translation

with Yehuda Tagar and Miroslava Heribanová

Venue: Ecce Homo, Clementisova 20,  Bernolákovo 900 27, near Bratislava in Slovakia

Tuesday 13. Sept. 9:00 – Thursday 15. Sept. 18:00 

The sounds of human speech, the universal alphabet of humanity, in their inner resonance, are the essential elements out of which the human life body, (Chi, Prahnic body, Ether body) is made. The Life Body is the storage of all human memory, the organisation of all the fundamental life processes of the organism, the source of all human cognition.

Psychophonetics is the science and the art of accessing, exploring, expressing and healing all aspects and dimensions of human experience through empathy, body awareness, gesture, visualisation and sounds. Chirophonetics is the science and art of using the deep inherent connection between the sounds of speech and the life forces of the body for a sound-massage that enlivens and heals body and soul.

Both Psychophonetics and Chirophonetics are new developments of the Anthroposophical and the Psychosophical understanding of the human constitution, of healing and of development.

Yehuda Tagar is the founder of Applied Psychosophy and psychophonetics, the director of the International Institute of Psychophonetics and the president of PACE – Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe.

Miroslavá Heribanová is a pedagogue, a speech therapist, a teacher of curative education, a co-founder of Bratislava Waldorf School, a practitioner and a trainer of Chirophonetics.

Price: 150 € (the price includes material)
Accommodation is available if you bring your own sleeping bag. B&B nearby.
Kitchen for cooking available; shops and restaurant nearby.
For public transport from Bratislava to venue please call Mira; Taxi from Bratislava about 20 Euro.

or call Mira in Slovakia on 00420 910 92 64 50