Self-Empowerment Week
to transform Life-Challenges
through working with the
Higher Intelligence
of your Life Body.

7 Day Open Summer School 2016

— with the founder Yehuda Tagar

Sat. 30th July 16:00 – Fr. 5th August 17:00

‘The purpose of modern psychology
is the transformation of life-challenges
into opportunities for spiritual development.’
~ Yehuda Tagar

This week will be of interest to therapists and anybody wanting to learn effective therapeutic tools – for self-help and/or application in existing practice.

Psychophonetics is a groundbreaking therapeutic tool that is rooted in deep spiritual understanding of the soul’s forces and the knowledge that human life experience is never lost or forgotten and can be accessed directly and transformed using the techniques and tools of Psychophonetics in an effective and efficient way.

Sensing, gesture, visualization and sound are the key-tools in Psychophonetics we will be using to gain insight, create empathy to self, and facilitate the transformational process.

“In Psychophonetics I found a method in which the healing power of the human “I” had the tools to directly transform the habitual emotional patterns that ‘talking therapies’ will not reach.”
~ Graham Kennish, fully qualified Psychophonetics Practitioner

These 7 days in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland will be a delight and great opportunity for anybody wanting to dive into Psychophonetics with Yehuda.

In this week you will be able to:
• practically experience the processes and methodology of Psychophonetics
• address personal issues, challenges and questions
• gain skills for self-mastery, self-healing and leadership
 • discover how you could apply Psychophonetics within your existing professional practice
• enjoy the culture of Finhorn and the delights of the Highlands
• claim 35 hours CPD for therapists

Here a short 2 page PDF Introduction Article on Psychophonetics

TessaMartinasmallThis workshop is equally relevant for professionals and lay people.
This Summer School is open to anybody!

It will be supported by fully trained Psychophonetics practitioner and counsellor Tessa Martina from England.

We will use group and personal exercises, work in pairs, individually and in the bigger group. As well as lots of fun, deep work, master classes, learning and growing, part of the week will be a group outing to a local sacred site, and a half-day free time and evening beach walks, Taize singing opportunities, etc. If you want to enjoy the Highlands and maybe explore more of the Findhorn Foundation and local area, you can book for a longer stay.


Cost for this 7 day event is £560, which includes lunch and dinners.

£490 is our early bird offer if booked and paid in full by Tuesday July 5th 2016.
If you want to come but need help or have questions please contact us.

Minimum 50% payment due with booking. Here our Bank Details.

To book and for more details please see the BOOKING FORM or contact:
Martin Kutternik UK mob: +44-(0)7941 134 101 email:

Thank you!

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The workshop venue Newbold House also offers accommodation!

See here for more details to book your accommodation and for some travel advice.

We suggest you book travel and accommodation a.s.a.p as August can be a busy time.

“Yehuda  Tagar  has  created  a  powerful  and  profound  new  psychotherapeutic  approach  based  on  the  relationship  between sound, gesture and emotion through which trauma and painful memories can be brought gently to consciousness for healing. He has shown us that our human sounds can give immediate access to our deepest truths and when combined with a creative and empowering psychotherapeutic relationship, individuals can quickly heal the barriers to their own joy and fulfilled, purposeful living. There is no doubt that Yehuda is a master of his new healing art and it is deeply inspiring to witness his work as a therapist and healer. I am proud to be supporting Yehuda in the introduction of Psychophonetics to the UK which will clearly become a major new therapeutic  discipline.”  

~ Dr Rosy Daniel BSc MBBCh Integrative Medicine Consultant, Medical Director Health Creation, Director of the Faculty of Integrative Medicine, Integrative Health Trust.