Benefits of Psychophonetics Therapy

What will I get from a Psychophonetics Session?

A single session stands alone and usually takes just over an hour, from which you emerge with a practical ‘tool’ that you will have created yourself.

There is no analysis or advice given, you are free to experience your issue at whatever level you need to. You are your own guide in an artistic process (with no material medium; i.e. no clay, no paint) and you are completely in charge of where you want to go with it. A psychophonetics practitioner imposes nothing to you (see ‘Ethics’). You are entirely free.

The pattern of behavior, reactions and feelings that you are concerned about (from minor irritations to personal crisis) can be expressed in a gesture of hands and body. When you observe these gestures, you become more aware of their source, not through the rational mind but more like a deep intuitive perception and increased awareness of ‘changing channels’ into not commonly accessed realm of awareness. The gained new perception will lead you to relate to the source in a new way and the practitioner is there to offer options which you are free to take up or not, expressing them in your own unique way.

The outcome is new patterns of gesture and sound that can be immediately experienced as healing and transformative. Although one session may give an insight and a healing effect that fades, the gestures and sounds you will have created can become a ‘tool’ to repeat over and over at any opportunity so, like learning notes on a musical instrument, they become embedded emotionally in your ‘habit body’.

After a varying length of time, according to your issue and the practice you put in, ‘trigger events’ will lose their power and your ability to respond to difficult situations, rather than just react, will be enhanced.

You will increasingly become ‘Captain of your Ship’ with a new ability to ‘hold yourself’.

“My circumstances are my circumstances; they are neither good nor bad. It is my ability or disability to cope with my situation – to keep thriving or failing – that makes them good or bad.
Psychophonetics gave me a fabulous tool to help me keep navigating the waves of the ocean of life. Thank you! “

~ Antje Rickowski