Psychophonetics Practitioners

Fully qualified Practitioners


Yehuda Tagar  

Yehuda is the founder of Psychophonetics.

A psychotherapist, trainer and international lecturer since 1991, he offers private sessions in Brighton, London and other parts of the UK on request.        UK mobile: 07920 100794

Anam Cara

Anam Cara is an Holistic Massage Therapist, trained in Bothmer Gymnastics and Spatial Dynamics with experience of coaching.  Available in the Stroud/Gloucester area.

See website 07584 351743

Graham Kennish

Graham offers sessions in many parts of the UK, when travelling as a peripatetic Steiner science teacher. He is a registered BACP member, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.       07973 680959

Jacqui Williams

Jacqui offers sessions and regular Group Workshops in Stourbridge, West Midlands. She is a BACP member.

07984 747826

Wilhelmina Swindell

Wilhelmina offers sessions and workshops, based in Totnes, Devon.               07840 121574

Anne Bass

Anne offers sessions in Stroud and Gloucestershire. She is a registered BACP member.                   07813 098441

Kymberley Chace Foos

Kymberley offers sessions for individuals/couples and group workshops. She is based in Stroud, Gloucestershire.      01453 839408       07817 484392

Terri ‘Elizabeth’ Caldwell

Terri offers sessions in the Midlands alongside her homeopathic practice.           07801 529530

Alexandra Hoppe

Alex is a registered Art Therapist who lives in Germany and offers Psychophonetics on her visits to Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Philippa Williams

Philippa has diplomas in Anthroposophic Speech and Drama and Dance Movement Therapy, currently practising in Australia and occasionally in Stroud, Gloucestershire on her visits to the UK.

Awi Frances

Awi is currently working in Costa Rica, South America.

Beatriz Ballester

Beatriz lives in the Canary Islands

Tessa Martina

Tessa is a qualified Art Therapist and works in NHS Partnership Trusts and Educational Community Centres. She is a registered BACP member and offers private practice in Hastings and London.             07920 100 794