Psychophonetics Therapy – What to expect

Complete confidentiality. The supervision of a  student will be done without reference to your name, address or life situation. Unlike normal psychotherapy, the psychophonetics process does not require analysis or interpretation, so any record of the session will contain no identifying personal details whatsoever.

The practitioner will ask you to share whatever you wish to say about the issue you have come with, listening deeply and empathically, while reflecting to you what they have understood. This alone can be an immensely strengthening and supportive experience. Through their reflections, the practitioner will invite you to make a Wish about your situation. This sounds very simple, but it is a clarifying and empowering step.

If you have chosen a fully qualified practitioner (or a student under supervision), the Action Phase follows. You will be asked to choose an example from recent life and, through that, embark on a journey of discovery, where gestures and sounds become a language.

New understanding will unfold for you as you follow the process and the role of the practitioner is to accompany you, as a team member with experience, on your chosen journey. There will be no analysis or interpretation of the scenes that you will discover and you alone will choose how you understand them.
At the end of the process which, with the Conversation phase, can last up to 90 minutes, you will leave with some practical and effective tools to take into your life situation, with which you can practice and strengthen what you have learned.