‘I had been looking for a therapeutic path which would not forge a relationship of dependency on a therapist, nor one in which I was solely the receiver of someone else’s skill.
In Psychophonetics I found a method in which the healing power of the human “I” had the tools to directly transform the habitual emotional patterns that ‘talking therapies’ will not reach. Thus I was in complete control of my own process and of the healing itself, a remarkable freedom, consistent with an evolution of consciousness in which the “I am” is no religious matter, but a direct experience of the inner life, one which we share as human beings, as ‘brothers and sisters’ on Planet Earth….’

– Graham Kennish, fully qualified Psychophonetics Practitioner

Year 1:
Foundation Year – Certificate in Mentoring for Personal Development & Leadership

1.1: Fundamentals of Psychophonetics; 30.7-5.8.2016 or 12.10.2016, Scotland

1.2: Foundations of Self Awareness & Self Care; 13.10-17.10.2016, Scotland

1.3: Foundations of Self Management & Methodical Empathy; 1.12-5.12.2016, Scotland

1.4: Foundation of Methodical Empathy, Deep Leadership & Personal Development; 2017 TBC

1.5: Foundation of Psychosophy & & Mentorship Skills; 2017 TBC

1.6: Foundation for Coaching & Counselling Skills; 2017 TBC

Practical training in transforming life challenges into opportunities for personal development, wisdom and leadership skills.Teaching Psychophonetics practical tools of self-awareness and self-transformation, the unique theory and application.

‘The Foundation Year was one of the most extraordinary and exciting things I’ve ever done. It was astonishing!
I continue to practice what Yehuda taught us during the year and the work has become an integral part of my life.
This, for me, was a deep and profound experience, held in a safe and loving environment, and it changed my life for the better, and for this I am humbly and profoundly grateful. I would do it again.’

– Lizzie Hutchinson, Foundation Year Graduate

Year 2:
Diploma in Holistic Coaching & Counselling – Methodical Empathy

A two year professional training in Psychophoentics Coaching and Counselling. Developing both personal development self processeing and clinical converstational practice.

‘….My experience with Psychophonetics was transformative. In the training I confronted two major issues in my life and found the tools to handle them, making, from my difficult personal encounters, my opportunity for a deeper connection with myself.’

– Graham Kennish, fully qualified Psychophonetics Practitioner

Year 3:
Advanced Diploma Psychophonetics Practioner

A completion of the professional training in Psychophonetics: a modality of psycho-spiritual-somatic support for human healing, development, transformation and creativity. Psychophonetics Practice is a therapeutic-educational process that enables people to create objective perspective regarding their subjective experiences, freeing them to give them a new meaning, creating a new reality for themselves. Providing the full Psychophonetics clinical practice.

Year 4:
Fellowship Diploma Psychophonetics Psychotherapy

A year of applied research and development for presentation to the public and professioanl networks and specailsist professional practice – CPD Relationship and Couple Counselling, CPD Group Work.