Yehuda Tagar

Yehuda Tagar – Captain of the Ship

Developer, founder and teacher of psychophonetics with more than 25 years experience in applying psychophonetics in clinical and private consultancy, workshop and workplace settings.

Yehuda Tagar is an Australian, South African and British psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists whose work is based on Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy. He founded Psychophonetics – Applied Psychosophy, an integral holistic approach to self awareness, personal development, counselling, coaching psychotherapy and organisational consultancy.

Psychophonetics combines conversational Methodical Empathy with the deep intelligence of body awareness, gesture, visualisation and sounds. It enables people to become their own therapists, healers and teachers. Yehuda is the director of Psychophonetics Institute International (Slovakia based), Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe (PACE in Slovakia, Czech Republic & Hungary) and the British College of Methodical Empathy.

Tel mob UK: +44-(0)7920 100794